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Save your wasted paper
I love technology. Especially, when it deals with the environment and reusing without waste.

Introducing the waste paper pencil maker! =D

Human Flight now a reality
Here we see human flight taken to the next level. It might as well be the closest thing we get to becoming Ironman.

Click for the Video =DDDD

A 360 degree lens for your iPhone
That looks pretty nifty, don't it?
click me

Awesome Pool Table!
Cue light has created an overhead projector that identifies movement and objects and lights them up with visual effects.

Check out this YouTube Clip of it in action. So awesome. I would like to own it.

Never play billiards the same way ever again! =D

Interchangeable Lenses for your iPhone
Do you hate the limitations of your iPhone's camera? Low depth of field, barely telephoto, wishing it was a wide-angle lens, etc.

Check out these Interchangeable Lenses.


Mini projector for your iPhone!
Check out this Mini-Projector for your iPhone by PoPVideo.

Next time you want to watch a video or have to give a presentation, just whip one of these bad boys out and you'll be set and ready.